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Simplex Hydraulic Presses
Lifting/pressing capacities from 25 through 30 tons.
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IAS256, 25 Ton (222,4 kN), H-Frame Hydraulic Press with RS256 Single-Acting Cylinder and GA90 Air Pump

Simplex offers presses with capacities from 25 through 30 tons. All Simplex H-Frame Presses include a moveable work head that easily rolls across the entire length of the top cross bar. This allows the pressing force to be positioned at any point of the press bed. The adjustable work bed can be raised or lowered to accommodate a wide variety of jobs. H-Frame includes a friction brake winch that adjusts the bed height effortlessly and will not drop the bed if the handle is released (no kick back).


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Model: IAS256   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 8479899499
Series: H - Simplex   |  Product Line:
  • Large daylight with open sides for easy loading.
  • Wide choice of pumps & pressing cylinders.
  • Includes tonnage gauge.
  • Moveable work head for maximum versatility.
  • Adjustable work bed with friction brake winch.
  • For Presses with an electric 230V pump, add an A€ to the end of the model number.


Maximum Operating Pressure (psi):  10,000
Capacity (imperial tons):  25
Power Source Type:  Air
Pump Model Number:  GA90
Cylinder Model Number:  RS256
Cylinder Type:  Single-Acting
Cylinder Stroke (in):  6.25
Advance Speed (in/min):  14
Pressing Speed (in/min):  2
Weight (lbs):  417

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